About us

What is Bridge To Africa?

  BTA is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-religious, non-political voluntary organisation.

  BTA is based in Sweden and shall work with organisations in Africa.

  BTA’s business and membership year shall run for a calendar year after each general assembly meeting.


The purpose of Bridge To Africa (BTA) is to work towards the benefits of vulnerable groups in Africa, towards empowerment of women and for the benefits of persons interested in African issues in Sweden and the rest of the world. 


1. To participate in and promote sustainable developmental projects that target vulnerable groups in Africa.

2. To raise awareness of the rights and plights of the vulnerable groups in Africa; both locally in the African countries and in Sweden.

3. To facilitate and promote the exchange of experiences and ideas. 

4. To empower women, both in Africa and Sweden, and to enable them to deliberate together and work under democratic forms towards guarding their rights and strengthening their role as active society members.

5. To promote racial and cultural diversity both within the organisation and within larger communities.

How does BTA work? 

The constitutional bodies of BTA shall be:

  The general assembly

  The executive committee


Click here to download the constitution and the code of conduct of BTA.

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