Donations of Scientific Journals and Books, Educational Material and Research Equipment to African Universities

Compared to their counterparts in industrialised countries, researchers and students in Africa face a number of problems during their daily work and education. Among these is the inability to access scientific literature and educational material. Fortunately, the current development towards open access and electronic publishing will partly help solving this problem in the future. However, due to the high costs associated with subscriptions to the electronic content of scientific publications, African researchers and students are still facing difficulties accessing recent as well as older scientific literature.

In Europe and other developed parts of the world, the need for hard copies of scientific literature is sharply declining as they are replaced by electronic documents. The costs associated with storing and managing paper copies will eventually result in the removal of older books and journals from libraries, and ultimately, in their destruction. African universities, on the other hand, would benefit tremendously from receiving discarded scientific books and journals, educational material, and research equipment from European universities and research institutions. 

The aim of this project is, therefore, to collect books, journals, educational material of all sorts, and research equipment from European universities and to ship them to African universities, where they will be highly appreciated. This donation program is aimed at improving educational and research opportunities in Africa. 

For further information, please contact the project leader Philipp Hirsch (email: 

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